Bringing the bounties of the natural world to our customers

Our dried fruits and nuts are gifts from nature that begin with our producers carefully monitoring the weather, water, and soil conditions to cultivate the best possible product. We select raw materials that we consider the highest quality in the world.

Our combined efforts with local producers to provide delicious, safe, and secure products for the consumers.

By being actively involved in the entire process from harvest to processing and shipping, all the way into the customer’s hands is what we take pride in.



原料の特性を生かした商品提案など、これからもお客様の声を大切にさまざまな課題解決ができるよう取り組んでいきたいと思います。“からだのみらい” をスローガンとして、まずは社員たちがチーム一丸となり楽しく成長できる職場作り目指してまいります。



代表取締役社長 鳥海 敬

Message from the President

Since our founding, we have been providing safe, quality products to our consumers as a distributor of dried nuts and fruits. We vow to work alongside our producers and partners to be cognizant of our effects on global warming, water supply, and other environmental issues, so that our consumers can enjoy our products, knowing they are having a positive impact on the Earth.

It is our mission to value the voices of our customers and keep adapting to always put forth the best possible products. Under our motto, "Future’s Body," we aim to create a workplace where our employees can happily work together as a team and grow our company.

We will continue to take on new challenges and strive to achieve great results from small successes. Our employees will continue to strive to become a company that is trusted, needed, and preferred by our customers. We appreciate all your support and encouragement.

Takashi Toriumi, President & Representative Director


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